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If you have come to my website, I can assume you want to know a bit about me – who I am and what I do! I am an author, motivational speaker, educator, coach, and the CEO and Founder of PIVOT. I created the PIVOT process which is a movement created to help people think better, feel better and live better! PIVOT is comprised of certified PIVOT coaches and therapists who help individuals, couples, families, and businesses.

I believe that we are all capable of having healthy relationships. I believe that we are each unique with a special imprint that makes us “us”. I believe in the power of healing.

If you are interested in my book, #HealthyAdult – you can find it here.

If you want to find out more about PIVOT, visit us at lovetopivot.com!

If you want to inquire about motivational speaking – contact me.

Look forward to connecting with you!


My personal journey has brought me to this work. I navigated through most of my life with a feeling of unmet longing. Most of the relationships that I was involved in were incredibly challenging for me. I was constantly boarding what I call “Crazy Train” to avoid uncomfortable situations. This left me feeling isolated and alone in the world. On the outside, it appeared that I was living a successful life. On the inside, I was a mess. Had I been taught a healthy relational model, my life would have had a very different flavor! When I finally understood how to approach relationships from a healthy perspective, my life started to change. I felt for the first time ever, relational freedom.

Lori Jean is an educator, mentor, relationship coach, and public speaker offering solutions for people having relationship challenges. She is current, passionate, and determined to help others. Lori Jean works diligently to repair and restore relationships – both personal and in the workplace. She is a trained interventionist and certified relationship, professional, and bereavement coach. She has facilitated trainings to help clinicians see a different perspective when diagnosing and treating process addictions – love addiction, love avoidance, sex addiction and co-dependency. Lori Jean is the CEO and Founder of PIVOT… a relational alignment group – www.lovetopivot.com. Lori Jean created the PIVOT process which is a curriculum created to help people repair and restore relationships. PIVOT is comprised of certified and trained coaches and therapists who help individuals, couples, families, and businesses. Lori Jean was also the Executive Director of Clinical Operations for Five Sisters Ranch, until the founder retired. Lori Jean founded and opened The Glass House, which is a residential workshop program designed for individuals, couples and families who want to take a deep dive into the PIVOT process to achieve immediate relational repair and growth.



Lori Jean is the founder and CEO of PIVOT… a relational alignment group. PIVOT is comprised of certified and trained coaches and therapists who work with individuals, couples and families, to help create healthy relational alignment. For any coaching, intensives, interventions, or relational needs, please contact: PIVOT.


Lori Jean is a powerful and engaging speaker and presenter. She will energize and inspire your audience while creating a deep and long lasting connection with your attendees. Lori Jean can provide any custom talk for any type of industry to fit your venue with regard to building stronger relationships and connection.


If you are looking for positive change within the workplace, Lori Jean will create and teach you successful relational skills that establish an environment that is more effective and cohesive. Services include (but not limited to) motivating individuals and/or teams, discovering what is preventing optimal communication and creative workflow, image consulting for brands and conflict resolution for personnel or business-wide challenges.

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with: Lori Jean Glass


with: Lori Jean Glass


with: Lori Jean Glass


with: Lori Jean Glass


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Interview by TJ Woodward


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