Coach. Educator. Author. Speaker. Mentor.
CEO and Founder of PIVOT.

Lori Jean wears many hats and wears them exceedingly well. From the country roads of West Virginia, to the rolling hills of San Francisco, she’s now a passionate transformational relationship coach to hundreds around the world.

LJ is compassionate, constantly evolving, and has the emotional sensibility to help her clients go into the deepest parts of themselves — with skill, power, and vision.

She’s become a #1 Amazon Psychology best-selling author… an esteemed educator… a charismatic motivational public speaker… a trusted mentor… an empathetic bereavement coach… and a life coach… She is both CEO and Founder of PIVOT.

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Here's How Lori Jean Can Help You.

Lori Jean helps individuals, couples, and families who realize that they want more from their lives. They want to experience their healthiest selves which is why she named her book #HealthyAdult!

She looks at personal growth work with an invitational wide lens, releasing labels, and introducing high impact solutions as opportunities to help empower her clients.

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Stop self-sabotaging your relationships and start turning your life in a new direction.
Read the book by a truth telling author who’s changing thousands of lives.

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“The world is in need of more #HealthyAdults. The effort you put forth into becoming a healthier adult will ripple out and not only affect the people you are in relationship with, it will impact your community and your world.”
– Lori Jean