About Lori Jean Glass

Her story reads like a heartbreaking novel, but it’s tragically true. Her father drowned when she was a little girl. Her mother, an alcoholic, took her own life when Lori Jean was a teenager. Her personal journey included abandonment, pain, challenging relationships, and isolation.

Lori Jean (LJ) was constantly boarding what she calls the “Crazy Train” of secretive, addictive, and self-sabotaging behavior to avoid uncomfortable situations in an attempt to desperately find peace. Her behavior left her feeling alone in the world.

“While I appeared successful in my outside life,
my inside life was in turmoil.”
-Lori Jean

Achieving Relational Freedom Through PIVOT.

When she finally understood how to approach relationships from a healthy perspective, her life started to change for the better. For the first time ever, she felt relational freedom.

Then she found the inner strength to not only turn her life around, but to start helping others by developing The PIVOT Process as a powerful method for identifying and overcoming the root causes of attachment problems to create healthier, happier lives.

She is now the acting CEO and Founder of PIVOT.

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Opening The Glass House.

LJ founded and opened The Glass House, a residential retreat program designed for individuals, couples, and families who want to take a deeper dive into the PIVOT Process to achieve immediate relational repair and growth.

In addition, Lori Jean is:

  • Amazon #1 Psychology best-selling author
  • Widely known as an esteemed educator
  • Sought as an energetic, inspirational, and motivational public speaker
  • An empathetic bereavement coach
  • A transformational life coach
  • A solution-oriented relationship coach
  • The former Executive Director of Clinical Operations for Five Sisters Ranch for eight years.
“I believe that we are all capable of having healthy relationships.
I believe that we are each unique with a special imprint that makes us ‘us’.
I strongly believe in the power of healing.”

– Lori Jean