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From group roundtables to one-to-one interviews, and from radio conversations to video and in-person conferences, Lori Jean is a dynamic expert on relationship challenges and withdrawal, love addiction, isolation, abandonment, and more.

The Crazy Train

Lori Jean Glass and Kayla Schmitz

Relational Circle Boundaries

Senhealing Podcast

How To Have Healthy Relationships

Senhealing Podcast

Getting Off The Crazy Train

The Uncorking a Story Podcast with Mike Carlon and Lori Jean Glass

The Power of the Dad/Daughter Bond Lives on After Loss

The Father Daughter Dance Podcast 

From Isolation to Connection

The Challenger Podcast with Dave Glaser and Lori Jean Glass

Pivoting Unhealthy Habits

Interview by Michelle Wolfe – Move Forward Podcast


Interview by the Homance Chronicles Podcast with Lori Jean Glass

PIVOT, with Lori Jean Glass

It’s Complicated Podcast

Ask for things you want in dating

Interview by Tori Piskin with Lori Jean Glass

Tolerating Feelings

Lori Jean Glass

Love Isn’t Addictive

Lori Jean Glass and Elyse Snipes

Activating the Painbody

Lori Jean Glass

Crazy Train

Interview @ Lifestyle Intervention Conf. 2016


Interview by Nashville Holistic Revolution Radio

Getting Off the Crazy Train

Interview by Dr. Pamela Brewer

Relationship Withdrawal

Lori Jean Glass

Find Relational Freedom!

Interview by Kristin Sunanta Walker
Mental Health News Radio

Love Addiction

Lori Jean Glass

Whole Perspective

Lori Jean Glass

The Crazy Train

Lori Jean Glass

Power of Discernment

Interview by TJ Woodward