How Do You Know If It’s Your Intuition Or Overthinking

Can I Trust My Intuition?

You know that sneaking, fleeting feeling of suspicion that something’s not quite right and you can’t seem to put your finger on it? Or that feeling of warmth and confidence in your belly when it seems that all of the pieces will perfectly fall together to create a harmonious and joyous experience? That’s often your intuition, among many other things. 

Intuition, if you manage to identify it and follow it attentively and carefully, can prove to be a powerful guiding force throughout your life as an individual or partner in a relationship. It can save you from unhealthy relationships, help you overcome your own relationship challenges, or guide you toward beautiful things in life.

It can also lead you astray. Intuition is one of our mind’s ways of subconsciously processing information and providing us with physical sensations toward various conclusions. It requires time to use properly, effort to identify correctly, and time to hone and improve. 

How Do You Know If It’s Your Intuition Or Overthinking?

All of us experience that gut feeling, that innermost sensation of good or bad, wrong or right, negative and positive. We experience these sensations physically as much as mentally, which only makes them all the stronger. Not listening to your intuition can have negative consequences, while only going with your gut can get you in as many problems as completely ignoring it.

The same holds true for intuition in relationships. For example, imagine being in the middle of thick love fog. This can cloud your judgement with overwhelming feelings of positive intuition and make you potentially blind to all of the red flags surrounding your current relationship. Also, allowing your anxiety that stems from past experiences to negatively influence your feelings about your partner can also lead to bad judgement. Consequently, you can lose a potentially great relationship. 

The bottom line is, there’s intuition and then there’s “old messages”. Not everything we intuitively perceive is really our intuition giving us subconscious facts about our partner. Sometimes, what we think is intuition can simply be us overthinking every possible angle of a situation either negatively or positively in an attempt to seek safety from old wounds.

While it can be difficult to differentiate between intuition and overthinking, it mostly boils down to this – intuition is less verbal and resembles a vibe or sense that you feel deep inside you. On the other hand, overthinking is not as deep and predominantly occurs in our minds as an almost verbal sensation. 

How Do You Know If Your Intuition Is Right?

Being aware of your intuition is one thing, while knowing it’s right is something entirely different. Making intuitive decisions in your relationship can feel wonderful when it turns out well. However, making wrong decisions you thought were right can leave you feeling emotionally devastated.

All of us have intuition. You know that subconscious feeling that points us in a certain direction. However, how can you know your intuition is right? How do you know it won’t lead you astray? How do you know your intuition will lead you to relationship happiness and not emotional devastation?

There are several signs that can point out that your intuition is right:

  • There’s a peaceful sensation in your stomach or chest while considering making your intuition-driven decision. 
  • Even the less rational decision you’re thinking of making makes you confident and happy. 
  • You experience very vivid dreams about certain trials and tribulations of your romantic life. 
  • You start noticing the same romantic opportunities knocking at your door within your own relationship. 
  • You experience clarity of your emotional life when you’re not busy focusing your mind on other concerns. 
  • You begin to notice your thoughts getting pulled toward a certain resolution. 
  • You start feeling inspired after pondering making a certain relationship decision. 
  • You get a sensation that you need to talk to your partner about a certain concern. 

How Do I Tap Into My Intuition?

Recognizing intuition can be difficult in the beginning, especially if you’ve haven’t done something similar before. However, correctly identifying your intuition and learning how and when to listen to it can lead to strengthening your relationship with your partner. 

There’s also more you can do about your relationship intuition. You can start working on making it stronger and tapping into it more frequently and more successfully. As esoteric as it can sound, there’s actually plenty you can try to do to make your intuition more reliable. 

This is how you can improve your intuitive thinking and use it to make your relationship better:

  • Try to recognize the difference between your fear and your intuition. That voice in your head that’s saying “Don’t do it!” might be nothing more than your fear and anxiety trying to prevent you from experiencing new and positive relationship sensations.
  • Be quiet, listen, and feel. We’ve already said that intuitive sensations can be as physical as they are psychological. Listen to your body and feel it. Feel the goose bumps, your heart racing and the shivers coming down your spine. Feel the gnawing in your stomach and the weight on your shoulders.  What is your body telling you? 
  • Remain open-minded to new sensations. Understand that your intuition is not going to be correct all the time. Use it as a guide, not a compass, and remain open-minded to changing your mindset accordingly if necessary. 
  • Embrace the potential for uncertainty and mistakes. Listening to your intuition can end up feeling like a gamble, and it can sometimes not be a win. 
  • Trust yourself and your feelings. There comes a time when you just have to start believing in yourself and your gut feelings. With a process like PIVOT, after you know yourself more and why you do what you do in relationships, your intuition will be easier to recognize and feel.  Discernment is key prior to acting on intuition. 

PIVOT Organizes Helpful Private Couple Retreats For Reconnection

All of us go through ups and downs in life, through our own personal highs and our deepest lows. Sometimes, we get that gut feeling that’s almost trying to offer advice on how to approach a certain situation in life. Sometimes we listen to it, sometimes we don’t – and we often don’t understand it. That’s intuition for you, and it can come in handy.

Intuition is important in relationships too. Listening to your inner instinct can end up saving you from different types of emotional abuse, help you break unhealthy patterns in your relationship, and even get you far away from a relationship filled with fights and arguments before it all even begins. And all that if we could just learn how to listen to ourselves better. Luckily, you can rely on PIVOT to be there for you. We can help you overcome your relationship problems through our couple workshops, be there to detect and resolve your emotional issues with our individual workshops, and we can also help you get in touch with your intuition. All you have to do is contact our experienced relationship advocates. Call us today!

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