How Do You Rekindle Your Desire In Your Relationship

How To Rekindle Your Relationship Passion

Many couples experience the ups and downs of passion in their relationships. It’s virtually impossible to experience a long-term relationship without also experiencing the times of intense passion and the times when that passion is lacking a bit.

However, not feeling the fierce, roaring flame of passion all the time is one thing. Not experiencing it at all for a long time is something completely different. Ruts happen. Long droughts, on the other hand, are a true concern that require effort and time to overcome. 

This problem can cause prolonged issues with intimacy in your marriage or relationship, causing you to find professional assistance at an emotional workshop or retreat. However, it’s also important to first see what the signs of waning passion are and how to overcome them. 

Is It Normal To Lose Passion In A Relationship?

Is It Normal To Lose Passion In A Relationship?

It’s tough to say what’s normal in a relationship and what’s not. After all, people and relationships are different, and the problems couples experience are unique to their circumstances. Periods of stronger and weaker passion happen for a variety of reasons.

However, referring to the complete absence of passion as “normal” could do a disservice to couples who just aren’t feeling it as they once did. On the other hand, labeling it as “not normal” may also cause confusion and discomfort. The simple truth is that couples can lose feelings of passion and that it’s important to work on resolving the underlying issues and causes. 

What Are The Reasons That You’ve Lost Passion In Your Relationship?

The first step in rekindling the flame of passion in your relationship and finding that desire for intimacy is to understand why you’ve lost touch in the first place. Keep in mind that I am not just talking about sexual intimacy!  I am also speaking to emotional intimacy.  Without clearly identifying the reasons behind your current problems, it’s difficult to start the road of recovery and discovery again.

7 Reasons For Dying Passion In A Relationship

As said, all relationships and the issues that can appear are unique to each couple. While there’s no such thing as a comprehensive list of reasons why your passion might be failing, some of the most common causes include the following: 

  • As your together-life evolves, you slowly allow other priorities to take hold of your entire relationship, letting your connection slip through the cracks of everyday struggles. 
  • At one point or another, you, your partner, or both of you have simply stopped putting in enough effort into keeping the fire of intimacy burning as bright as it once did. 
  • Your intimate life has gradually become comfortable, routine, and even uninspired, causing you to potentially lose interest. 
  • Letting go of your own self-care can also be the cause behind dwindling passion. This can lead to you and your partner not feeling satisfied with yourselves, losing your libido in the process. 
  • Your or your partner might be holding grudges you simply cannot let go of for some time, causing you to be less interested in romance and more interested in retribution. 
  • There’s been a transition from passionate to companion love
  • You’ve stopped doing things with one another and slowly started drifting apart in different areas, including intimacy. 
  • You may have a biological shift in your mental health and the desire is overridden with anxiety and or depression and you are not treating it. 

How Do You Rekindle Your Desire In Your Relationship?

If we’re being honest, rekindling passion can be tough for some couples. However, it can be incredibly fun. In fact, it can breathe new life into your relationship and make it stronger, more enjoyable, and more passionate than ever. If that’s not a reason to give it a go, then nothing is.

7 Ways To Rekindle Relationship Passion

How Do You Rekindle Your Desire In Your Relationship?

If there’s love and all other positive emotions, there can be passion again, and soon rather than later. You and your partner just need a gentle push in the right direction. 

Here are some ways that can help you achieve that: 

  • Speak to each other about how you used to have so much passion without blame – when you couldn’t get enough of each other and see what was different back then. Try to do some of the things you loved doing back in the day and see the passion make a slow-and-certain return. 
  • Be honest and communicate your innermost desires with your partner and allow them to do the same. Get to know each other’s intimate needs better and start translating words into action. 
  • Prioritize yourselves and your intimacy above other daily things. Don’t make a chore more important than you. Start dedicating more and more time to one another and the spark will come back. Start with having date night again.  And, keep doing it. 
  • As simple as this one’s going to sound, as simple it’s to try it – get physical and get physical as often as you can. It doesn’t have to be all fireworks all the time.  Nor does it have to be intercourse.  Touch each other.  Hold each other.  Make a point to look into each other’s eyes with appreciation and affection.. The more you try, the more natural  it’ll become. 
  • Be curious and explore. Who knows, maybe you and your partner will discover a whole new world of intimate pleasure without even meaning to, granting yourselves many enjoyable future moments. 
  • Introduce the romance back, try harder, do beautiful things for each other, and dedicate your time and energy into making your partner feel as special as you’d like to feel. 
  • Understand that it might take some time for the passion to return. Don’t rush it – work on it constantly and incessantly. 
  • Be open to new experiences and be open to your partner. Work on it together and the results will come. 
  • Consider consulting a professional. Some couples may need some neutral insight or assistance with identifying the underlying issues in their relationships. Don’t be afraid to reach out to a relationship coach if you feel stuck. 

PIVOT’s Intimacy In A Marriage Intensive Workshop Will Help You Find Passion Again

Keeping the passion in your relationship alive is an essential part of a healthy and thriving relationship. Rekindling your flame over and over again can be difficult. However, you need to keep at it, keep investing, keep dating your significant other, and keep providing all the support you and they need. And you’ll get there. Sooner than you might think. 

Not only will the loss of passion cause you to potentially start thinking about other individuals in different ways. It will also slowly take more and more from your enjoyment and growth. If there’s love, respect, support, and a picture of the future, give it your all and work on it.Sometimes, your all may not be enough, and to keep resolving some of the issues in your relationship, you may need professional assistance. PIVOT’s individual workshops for resolving relationship problems and couple retreats for working on your relationship are designed to help you through the rough patches and rebirth your relationship again. Give us a call today!

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