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Lori Jean Glass is the leading voice in the field of relationship healing. She doesn’t just GET love addiction / love avoidance; she has created the map to help others navigate from their past to a healthier present.

Brad Lamm - Founder - Breathe Life Healing Centers

I’ve been a therapist for over 25 years and have worked side by side with many therapist’s, psychologist’s and licensed mental health professionals during my career. I have to say that Lori Jean Glass is a skilled clinician beyond most. She has many talents and attributes that go above and beyond most other professionals. Her therapeutic techniques, her compassion and her natural ability to connect and relate to others is magical. Lori Jean has helped me work through some of my own relational issues and her wide variety of therapeutic strategies used in therapy were life changing for me. She Gets It, like no other. I feel blessed and honored that our paths have crossed.

I will always have gratitude and appreciation in my heart for LJ for helping me as well as helping all those she comes in contact with.

Alana Gissen - LCSW

Lori Jean has been instrumental in helping me clearly see who and how I am living as man both individually and in relationships of all types. I’ve worked with dozens of coaches and therapists before and she has a comparatively powerfully unique combination of observing my behavioral patterns, gently but firmly calling them out and in the course of curiously asking connecting questions getting me to see it as well.

It’s invaluable in a coaching relationship that I feel empathy from my coach. Lori Jean is outstanding at bringing her own life stories into the equation when relevant and necessary often with a levity and compassion that makes me feel like I can overcome my challenges.

Over the course of the nearly 18 months working with her, I have noticed a substantial change in the way I live life. It’s been crucial that during this time she’s offered me tools either in the form of ongoing exercises with my partner or tools developed by her proven Pivot program that has been essential in helping me identify and change survival patterns that weren’t serving me or anyone I love and care about.

She has also been incredibly helpful in my effort to establish and maintain boundaries as a way to put more attention and energy on to the people and things I care most about in my life. She’s helped me see that being and bringing all that I am is fundamentally about giving and getting all that I can in life.

I’m a different father, brother, son, lover, friend, professional, etc. than when I met Lori Jean nearly 18 months ago. I’m more spiritually, emotionally, physically, professionally romantically ignited, powerful and mature than I ever have been in the 48 years of my life.

The big change during that time is the work that I did with her. And I’ve learned that the work is…work. And I’ve also learned that when I do the work that works with a coach like Lori Jean, the results are indisputably transformational. It starts with my willingness to put the time in and she meets me with that same level of work and enthusiasm.

I couldn’t recommend Lori Jean more strongly for any man looking to take a good life to great. My life felt good when I met her, partially because I didn’t know what was possible. Now that I’ve experienced the change as a result of the work, I only hope that more people will find her and enjoy the same level of growth I have which for me has no real reference for any other time in my life.

I’ve always wanted to live life in the way she’s helping me live it with the work and I’m beyond grateful that I found her to help me get it.

Tim Taylor

Lori Jean is an expert in the field of love addiction. But you could say that about others. What makes Lori unique is that she is a brilliant educator. She does more than pass on what she has learned from her research and personal experiences, she creates. She created the curriculum for Five Sisters Ranch. As much as I pride myself for my own contribution in the field of love addiction, even I cannot do that. She has gone from being my student to my teacher. Starting as a wounded healer in this field, she has risen to what we all aspire. To—the top of her field. Every thing she does inspires me. I cannot say enough about how she balances knowledge with empathy for those she helps. If you have a chance to work with Lori Jean, or reach out to her for help, grab it. You won’t regret it.

Susan Peabody - Author, Life Coach, Teacher

Lori Jean Glass is one of the top thought leaders in Love Addiction and Relational Attachment Issues in the behavioral health care industry. I have had the honor and privilege of presenting with Lori Jean on the national conference circuit as well as experiencing first hand her talent when working with women and men who are in the throes of relational difficulties . She is bright, articulate, warm , and compassionate while helping others get off “the Crazy Train” of relational entanglements and to begin to enjoy life in enriched and meaningful ways. She excels as the director of Five Sisters in Petaluma and I am excited she is bringing her knowledge and skills to the general public thru Pivot, a company designed to help all shift and find relational freedom.

Dr. Louise Stanger - Ed.D, LCSW, CDWF

Lori Jean Glass is my gifted friend and co-worker. She has the ability to meet an individual where they are at, uncover their true spirit and help them determine their highest good for their life.

I have worked with Lori Jean Glass for seven years. I consider her my friend, co-worker and mentor. She has helped me brand my company, Five Sisters Ranch, and develop our recovery program for relationship challenges.
I marvel at her relentless ability to facilitate change in individuals seeking help as well as create new therapies and programs for my company. Through her guidance I have learned the skills of collaboration and curiosity. Lori Jean is truly a gifted person with a huge heart and knowledge for others. I am proud to be in relationship with her.

Nancie Brown - Founder - Five Sisters Ranch

Lori Jean Glass is remarkable in her ability to inspire greater relational awareness, freedom, and fulfillment. She brings hard-won wisdom, her own strength of heart, and a ton of experience and expertise making her an effective advocate, educator, leader, innovator, and speaker. Having received personal support and mentorship from Lori Jean, as well as from working alongside her at Five Sisters Ranch, I can confidently say her contributions are invaluable to the fields of health and recovery.

Michelle Baker - MFT

Lori Jean is committed to help and understand the human soul, and her service is not interrupted. She is so personally committed to her clients. I have never come across a person as dedicated, knowledgeable and intuitive as Lori Jean. What Lori Jean has, is the ability to help you understand yourself, both your feelings and actions. She gives you the courage to break through. The empathy, tenderness, and knowingness that she brings to each relationship, helps you understand yourself and your relational patterns. This testimony is based on my personal and experiential relationship with Lori Jean and the testimony of her working with my clients at Safe Harbor.

Velvet Mangan - Founder and Owner - Safe Harbor Treatment Centers

It has been a pleasure and an honor to work with Lori Jean Glass. I have spent time and money for many years, looking for the right help, yet I never received the results I was looking for. Once I began my journey with Lori Jean everything changed. When I work with Lori Jean I know she cares about me and she will be there for me until we find resolution. Lori Jean’s ability to help me understand the problems in my life and how I can fix them is clear and easy to understand. For my spouse and I, Lori Jean has been a great resource and an overall blessing. We both are more aligned relationally as individuals. As a result, we’ve noticed positive change in our personal and professional lives. I am proud to say we are able to communicate effectively as a couple! We accomplished this in just a few sessions with Lori Jean.So, if you have struggled with love and you want relational change, Lori Jean is who I recommend. If you want strong results and are ready to shift she is the one to go to!

Nellie Akalp

My husband and I were separated and began discussing divorce. We had been to many marriage workshops with no success. Lori Jean Glass changed this for us. She was able to help us understand our differences and our attachment styles. She was able to provide us the guidance to understand these differences and relate to each other with a respectful and healthy approach. We now actually enjoy each other without drama, trauma or chaos. It is a relief to be able to know how to ask for what I need from him, it seems more effortless as time goes on. I am grateful for the time with LJ and the results achieved.

Jeannine Hayden

Lori Jean Glass is a gifted professional. She truly is the trauma whisperer. Lori Jean quickly connects with our core issues and leads the way to lasting change. Her dedicated life, work and research created something unique and provides sustainable solutions that swiftly alter our personal and professional life. I have witnessed her work transform many lives, including my own. After 10 years of talk therapy with a gifted therapist, Lori Jean was able to connect with me and motivate me to shift (PIVOT) quickly and effectively in ways that I could not have planned for or imagined. My life was forever changed by the tools she created and her revolutionary work. Lori Jean fearlessly advocates and facilitates radical change. Revolutionary people like Lori Jean Glass challenge us to go beyond our perceived limits to achieve our goals. My personal and professional life was forever altered and I am extremely grateful for the indelible mark this work has had on my life and those that I love. I see things clearly now, in a way I always longed for and never thought possible. I have simplistic and powerful tools that I can access for the rest of my life.

Courtney Frei

I met Lori Jean at a Professional’s Luncheon at Five Sisters Ranch 4 years ago. We hit it off immediately. She understands the dynamics of Love Addiction and is an expert on the subject. She teaches clients the tools and skills necessary to live a life beyond the Crazy Train. She always does more than what is expected in a compassionate and competent manner, whether at a speaking engagement, presentation, or when working with a client. She isn’t some wizard behind the curtain, she’s the real deal. She walks her talk, delivers on her promises and works hard to earn one’s trust. She’s an effective communicator in her writing, counseling sessions, or when presenting at a national conference. She empowers people to make the right decisions. She appreciates and supports her colleagues and is a highly respected and sought out speaker in the field.

Laura Petracek

Lori Jean is Amazing. I should be able to leave it at that because having to quantify that statement is almost impossible but I will try.

Lori Jean is a compassionate, caring teacher and healer and her focus on Love Addiction is something this industry needs. I have seen her speak many times and learn something each time I do. Her passion for her works exudes in her dedication to excellence and her knowledge in improving not only relationships but also self improvement and improving the world in general.

Her vision and concepts are fresh and innovative and I would place her on the same playing field as Tony Robbins or Brene Brown. Her ability to develop strong rapport fast and make lasting influence brings value as a care giver and as a teacher.

As a professional speaker she is amazing. Clear, entertaining with a message that has value and purpose Lori Jean is someone to keep on your radar because she will be having positive impact on the community for a long long time.

John Raymond

About 4 years ago I heard Lori Jean speak, and to say that it revolutionized my life would be an understatement. I never forgot the talk she gave that night. It spoke directly to my soul. She was so honest and raw and powerful and vulnerable – a very special combination of characteristics. I truly believe in my heart that she has the ability to improve the lives of many people. She has the gift and I am excited to see where it will take her as more and more people discover her and her talents for helping others. She is the real deal!

Katy Oss

I am a client of Lori Jean’s and the work that we have done together has been immensely beneficial to me. Lori Jean has a way of taking complicated and emotionally charged situations and simplifying them. This talent allows deep work to happen in a safe way. I have learned so much about myself and how I am in relationships. Lori Jean has helped me access the man I am inspired to be!

Steve Feldman

Lori enabled me to shift my personal perspective in order to see life a different way. Since our first encounter, I knew she was unique. On account of my time with Lori Jean, I was able to understand life in a more positive and purposeful way. It wasn’t one big lightbulb that went off in my head; it was a series of life changing moments. Because of Lori’s no nonsense direction, I feel empowered. Without doubt, I know she allowed me to changed my life for the better. I have never met anyone else that was able to cut through all the fluff and get down to the nitty gritty. With her guidance I was able to utilize healthy coping and understand why my mind and body processes situations that are particular to me. I thank God for placing her in my path. I am truly grateful.

Vanessa Walker - BSN RN PHN

In the years I worked side by side with Lori Jean, I observed the incredible skill, knowledge and depth of experience that she brought to each individual she worked with. Lori Jean has the gift of clear perception and insight that can help people identify, in a very short period of time, the key issues that need to shift. And then she offers a toolbox of simple, yet highly effective tools to help transform old, stuck patterns into healthy and authentic expressions of relational well being. If you are looking for someone who cares deeply about not only your personal happiness and health, but equally, the happiness and health of your loved ones and family, I would highly recommend seeking out her services.

Barbara Juniper

Lori Jean Glass has been the epitome of post-traumatic growth – a colleague who has used her own history to help for those who are struggling transform. She is a gifted speaker and presenter – authentic, provocative and inviting. Her ability to educate clinicians on the origins of love addiction through the lens of attachment disorder has provided me new tools to assist those individuals, couples and families with whom I work.

Jean Campbell

Lori Jean’s perspective brought clarity to our organization’s growth strategy, allowing us to stay mission driven both internally and externally. She helped us solidify a relationally focused & integrity based plan that is producing results!

Kati Lohr - LPC-MHSP

Through the many years I’ve been working with and for Lori Jean I’ve come to deeply respect her breadth of knowledge, experience and intuition around trauma and attachment wounds. She created and continues to develop the PIVOT curriculum to help shift people into healing from their outmoded survival patterns into healthy relational adult behaviors. The PIVOT curriculum supports individuation of the parts of self that are stuck in the attachment traumas of our childhood, teen and adult lives. Lori Jean has the rare ability to say what needs to be said with a grace and kindness that provides a safe space for clients’ vulnerability; thus opening their self perception enabling them to make healthier choices and heal over time. She has created revolutionary tools that are individualized by each client supporting their path toward more relational fulfilling lives. This journey with Lori Jean in supporting clients through the PIVOT curriculum also continues to enrich my relational life on a daily basis. I am ever grateful for Lori Jean’s dedication to refining her knowledge and application in relational healing. Her work is truly a gift to the maturing of humanity.

Deb Reid - PIVOT Advocate, Glass House Facilitator, C-IAYT, CPC

Lori Jean has a unique skill set and is a transcendent leader. I have had the opportunity to work directly and indirectly with her and have been amazed at her ability to “see” her clients and lead them on a path that they didn’t believe they could take. I highly recommend her.

Dustin Frei

I have had the privilege of working with Lori Jean in varying capacities over the past 6 years. Her compassionate heart, combined with laser-focus and pioneering vision lays the groundwork for her clients to create sustainable change. With a direct, no-nonsense approach, Lori Jean encourages those with whom she works to bring the best versions of themselves to the world. I have learned volumes from Lori Jean, both professionally and personally and would highly recommend her to anyone looking to make change in their life.

Gaby Fabian

Lori Jean is an excellent communicator and shares her powerful message with grace and compassion. Lori Jean has a unique ability to motivate change in others, giving those she works with the ability to visualize a more fulfilling experience by making shifts in their lives (PIVOT). Lori Jean creates this motivation for change in others a way that empowers and allow others to see the way to get the life they are seeking. I highly recommend seeking opportunities to learn from Lori Jean, you will be well served.

Debbie Reid

Lori Jean emulates strength, love, authenticity, and compassion. Her work on attachment, and the language she uses surrounding it, cuts through the harsh and stigmatizing language of love addiction and into a space where healing resides.

Robyn Cruze - Cofounder, Wide Wonder; co-author, Making Peace with Your Plate

Lori Jean has had the courage to go deep within herself to heal her emotional wounds. She is a healer, ready to share the journey to a healthy adult with those who want it. Follow her path!

Richard Lipfield - MA, MFT

Lori Jean Glass has a deep understanding of the multiplicities and complexities of human systems, trauma, and compulsivity. Lori Jean has woven a beautiful recovery tapestry out of the disparate threads and models of treatment theories. Lori Jean has integrated various theoretical models effectively into a foundational springboard. It is from this springboard that we are able to dive safely into the deep end of the joys and rewards of intimacy, with ourselves and our loved ones.

E. Hitchcock Scott - PhD, trauma and addiction services for 34 years

I’ve had the privilege of witnessing the transformative work Lori Jean has provided thousands of people. The unique process she leads clients through creates radical change for lifelong happiness. Her dedication, commitment, and expert knowledge on the subject of healthy relationships surpass anything I’ve seen.

Rosemary O'Connor - Founder, ROC Recovery Services; author, Sober Mom's Guide to Recovery, Hazelden