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The Whole Perspective

The Whole Perspective is part of the core curriculum at PIVOT. This is where we invite you to show up for your whole self and live the change that you seek. The benefits of the Whole Perspective are:

  • Identify what areas in your life need attention.
  • Gain self-esteem and confidence through recognizing what areas of your life are
    working for you.
  • Understand yourself in relationship to self and others.
  • Know and discern what is important to you when looking for a relationship or
    maintaining a current relationship.

First – Where do you stand now?

Most of us are not taught how to look at ourselves from a Whole Perspective. For
example, you may focus only on the spiritual or the intellectual, and not pay attention to
the other parts of yourself, creating imbalance, conflict, and unmanageability. This
unmanageability can result in complications that have a negative impact on you and
those around you.
In relation to others, typically, we fall into relationships based only on the physical and
emotional connection we have with another person. If we don’t consider the Whole
Perspective, including the financial, intellectual and spiritual elements, we often end up
with unrealistic expectations of both our partner and the relationship.

Now, let’s get real.

The Whole Perspective calls for looking at oneself and/or a relationship congruently,
from a spiritual, intellectual, emotional, physical, and financial perspective. When we get curious about each universal element, only then are we able to see our self and
others from a place of reality.

The payoff.

As we work at seeing our self from a Whole Perspective, we create a catalyst and a
framework for discovering who we are and how we attach in all relationships. Living with
this new knowledge and awareness we are finally able to THINK, FEEL AND DO in
alignment, consistently access our healthy adult and, live the fulfilling life we deserve.
The Whole Perspective = Looking at oneself and/or a relationship from a spiritual,
intellectual, emotional, physical, and financial perspective.
Healthy alignment = Alignment with what I THINK, DO AND FEEL.
The Whole Perspective + Healthy alignment = Relational Freedom

Your PIVOT advocate.

Utilizing a relatable, non-judgmental and compassionate approach, A Pivot advocate is
trained to deliver high impact solutions to help you pivot quickly. The Whole Perspective
is designed specifically to set a strong foundation for learning about yourself through PIVOT modules with continued support from your Advocate.
By: Lori Jean Glass

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